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Welcome to Modern Muse Living, a weekly blog where photography, fashion, traveling and fun encounters. Your special guide to all exquisite and chic things. Made with tons of love, art, a hint of party styling, and a scoop of fashion. Modern Muse Living was designed for anyone who enjoys a good read with a special blend of style and fun. It is also the best way to stay up to date on Lilian R. Barrios personal musings and day to day inspirational ideas.

who I am

I’m Lili, and this small space is my online home. I style, seek adventure and I take photographs. I’m a student at FAU who spends her free time crafting, photographing, shopping and styling. I’m new to blogging and hoping to meet with you weekly to share all the fun I will be blogging about.

I was born and raised in Cuba. I relocated to sunny Palm Beach Florida at age 11. Some of my favorite things in life are tacos (foodie alert), sunsets, the ocean, photography, and a good bottle of wine accompanied by a fulfilling conversation with a good friend. Shopping at Michaels for my DIY projects (shopaholic problems) is among my top favorite hobbies. I also love to travel and experience new cultures. I enjoy spending time with my husband and dog. We love going on morning beach walks followed by Brunch.

On a more personal note: I’m a huge animal lover and have worked for over 6 years with a local animal foundation finding forever homes for fur babies. I love writing and in my free time, I write a weekly Newsletter for a local Vegan restaurant. I’m a big believer that it is in our hands to make this world a better place and that if we each do our part we can make it better. As my favorite quote reads, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

why I decided on a blog

  • to share my photography
  • share my fashion and style insights
  • offer practical fashionable looks for any kind of occasion
  • help inspire others to start their own blog
  • document new things I learn daily
  • share my adventures and travels

fun facts about me

  • I love photography, black and white being my absolute favorite
  • I’m an outdoors and nature lover
  • My favorite book is Eat, Pray & Love
  • I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively
  • I love crafts and roaming around Michaels
  • Obsessed with flower crowns, I make my own
  • I’m slightly obsessed with all Vintage things, clothe, furniture, style, fashion, art, basically everything
  • Tea over coffee
  • Foodie at heart. Favorite food, Tacos (duh)
  • Some call me stylish. Some call me creative. Some call me psycho (LOL). Some call me shy. And some even call me smart, LOL.
  • Good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect recurrent interruptions
  • My favorite color is Black
  • Makeup obsessed
  • I’m very passionate about music, favorite singers: Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Lana Del Rey, Vitas
  • I like quiet. In the morning, afternoon, evening. Well, I’m a lover of silence.
  • My curiosity is insatiable.

Photography |Zaitography|

Thanks for joining me on this journey, you fantastic stylish, artsy lover friends! And stay tuned for next week’s post.





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