Let’s Talk Bridesmaid Proposal


Let’s Talk Bridesmaid Proposal!

You got the guy; you got the proposal and the bling. What’s next? You need your ladies to help you go through the roller coaster year that’s ahead of you.  Your bridesmaids will be there to pick your dress with you, plan your bachelorette, bridal shower and tons of other fun wedding activities.

Bridesmaids are special close to the heart friends, your go-to ladies in times of need. Your bridesmaids, especially your maid of honor, will be fundamental to you during your wedding planning course. So what better way than to ask them than with a Bridesmaid Proposal?

Today I will share all the details of my Bridesmaid Proposal last year to my besties.  I want to start by saying that there are many ways that you can do this and even keep it simpler. But this was ultimately the way I wanted to build my proposal box for my girls aka personal Cheerleaders for the year lol! I wanted to make the box fun and special but also useful to them. In the box, I included items that I knew would be put to good use and that they would also enjoy. Below I will list all the items that were included in my box. I hope you enjoy this “Wedding Wednesday” post and find it helpful. 

Asking your friends to be your bridesmaids is almost as exciting as getting engaged. Whether you choose to get together with your friends for dinner or deliver them the boxes, surprising them with a really personal gift is what really makes the experience so unforgettable.

My friends and I are big foodies and absolutely love Tea Time. So I chose to do a Tea Time proposal at a local English hotel that serves traditional tea all year round. Located in Palm Beach, The Chesterfield offers a delightful menu of exquisite teas. Now that I had the place I needed to get the gift boxes ready for the exciting girl’s date. 

Putting the box together took a few trips to different stores and Michael’s.  Luckily for me, I had my own personal “Fairy Godmother” for my wedding year aka my dear friend Kim who was an absolute doll helping me put these boxes together. Together we took several Michael trips and had endless convos on how to assemble to goodies lol. Needless to say that this was a really fun project to work on together. By the end of our little project, I actually ended up surprising her with a box of her own and made her my Matron of Honor. Now let’s dig into this box! 

What’s In The Box?


As we get to know each other you will soon realize that I have a slight addiction, I’m obsessed with shopping at Michael’s. Now that, that’s out of the way lets continue with the blog, lol. I purchased the boxes for the girls at Michael’s. I had a Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and 4 Bridesmaids. I did 2 blush boxes, one for my MOH and one for my Matron of Honor and 4 tan boxes for each of my bridesmaids. I originally wanted to match them all but unfortunately, they didn’t have 6 of the same.

In the end, it all worked out perfect and I was actually happy with the way they looked together. Now in the box, I included some tutu material as a cushion and some white crinkle paper. The boxes all included a card, color palette swatch with my wedding colors, a mini champagne bottle, champagne flute, compact mirror, nail polish, lush bath bomb and a smaller box with a ring pop. Below I have listed all details for each of the items included.


Your bridesmaids are your closest friends, and what better way to let them know how important they are to you than with a beautiful card? I wanted to write the girls a note letting them know how special they were all to me and why I chose each of them to stand by me on my big day. I purchased a beautiful blush and gold card from Sugar Paper, they have a wide variety of beautiful cards to choose from. 











Color palette swatches

Color swatches are a great way of introducing your wedding colors to your bridesmaids; you can include these in the gift box. I went over to the local Home Depot and asked for some paint swatches in the colors that I was planning to use for the wedding. I tied them up with a ribbon and stuffed them in the box along with all the other goodies. This was probably the easiest item to add to the box and free yay!

Champagne Campaign 

If we are celebrating, we need bubbly to go with the celebration.  In the box, I included a mini bottle of Moet champagne to celebrate the proposal with the girls!  Moet champagne is known for the delicious lime flavors, smoothness, and crispiness. It’s rich in flavor with a clean aftertaste. I purchased the mini bottles from my local Total Wine store. It was a total success with the gals, needless to say, they loved it.


Champagne glass

I got them the bubbly, had to get them a glass to go with it. I purchased my champagne glasses from the local Home Goods; they have an extended selection of beautiful champagne flutes. I wanted to give the flute a personal touch so I attached a name tag with a silk ribbon and their initials.

Compact Mirror

These are perfect for the girls to fresh up their lipstick, check on hair and make sure they are looking fabulous the day of. I came across these while shopping at Michael’s and they were so adorable that I couldn’t resist. BHLDN also has them for sale in a variety of colors.

Essie Nail Polish

I love nude colors and I knew from the beginning that I wanted my girl’s nails to match the day of the wedding so I went ahead and got them all the color I wanted them to wear on the day of. I went with a soft nude from Essie in the color Sand Tropez. I purchased mines at Target but you can find these really anywhere.

Lush Bath Bomb – Tisty Tosty

Wedding planning can be stressful and what better way to relax after a long day of planning than with one of the fabulous bath bombs from lush? I personally love the aroma of the Tisty Tosty bath bomb! The romantic aromas of rose and jasmine are exquisitely delightful, and I must say that the rosebuds are a bonus.

Ring Pop Box

Diamonds? How about candy? Pop the question to your bridesmaids with a ring pop! It’s fun and will put a smile on their face! Don’t forget to take a cute picture with them. You can find these at any local party store or even at your local supermarket. I placed the ring pops inside a small white box that I purchased from Michael’s. I wrapped it with a ribbon and some lace and placed with the rest of the goodies.


Here are some fun photos from the proposal day!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this first Wedding Wednesday post and that it was helpful for all those new brides that are planning a bridesmaid proposal! Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for my next week’s post. And remember: “Weddings flow smoother with a great bridesmaid standing by you”!

Ciao Bellas


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