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“Wah Gwaan” Bellas!

Welcome to another blog post! Today’s adventure will take us to the salty beaches of sunny breeze Jamaica! I’m going to give you guys a tour of my mini-honeymoon trip to the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica. This explains my Jamaican greetings today (lol). “Wah Gwaan” is a common way of greeting used by the folks that live on the island. It means “what’s going on” or what’s up! And I think that is about all the “Jamaican slang” I learned while I was there lol. Click … below to continue reading.

For those of you who have planned a wedding, you are probably very familiar with the term EXHAUSTED! And that’s exactly how I felt after my wedding year was over. My husband and I had originally planned to visit Santorini – Greece after our wedding but what we disregarded was the weather during the month of December. Greece is not exactly bikini friendly during the winter months and not to mention that most of the local stores, restaurants, and businesses close for the winter season. Thankfully I have a friend who is originally from Greece and shined some light on this before I found myself in Santorini wearing a full coat and boots! Not exactly what I had in mind for my honeymoon, so my husband and I decided to do a small trip in December to Jamaica and leave my beloved Greece for the summer.

We booked our trip through Expedia and stayed at The Caves Resort which is about 15 minutes from the magnificent 7 Mile Beach (a must see). Negril is about an hour drive from Montego Airport. I suggest calling your hotel in advance and having them send a driver to pick you up. It is the smoothest and safest way to get around the island.

 Amenities & Entertainment

The Caves resort offers free water activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. They also have an incredible Spa overlooking the water that is to die for, highly recommend. The resort also has a pool and a hot tub overlooking the sea. There are several sitting areas and a small garden to stroll through. One of my favorite things at the resort was the customer service. They have employees walking around constantly checking on the guests and making sure all needs are met, including making sure that your drink is full. Exquisite customer service.

While in Jamaica we also visited the Grand Palladium Spa and Resort. We took a day trip to the resort and enjoyed a Spa day and dinner. We arrived in the early morning and were greeted with a big smile and a glass of refreshing Tropical Juice, followed by a beach Yoga class that concluded with a fresh coconut water. We then were escorted to lunch and our Spa treatments. Following our spa treatment, we enjoyed a few cocktails by the pool accompanied by yet another beautiful Sunset.

If you are not a beach person, you have the option of multiple pools to dip into, including one that has a swim up bar. The resort also offered nightly entertainment in a theater like an area with multiple musicals and traditional dances from the island.


Fun Outside The Resort

Although we loved being at the resort we also wanted to experience Jamaica outside the resort. We booked several activities outside the resort such as horse riding, mineral water baths, a spa day at Grand Palladium Resort, island tours, and an early dinner at Rick’s Cafe (best place in Negril for cocktails and Sunset). The best way to book outdoor activities is through your front desk at the resort with an activity agent. They have a shelf full of booklets with all the information to book activities and they also do the setup for pick up and drop off on your behalf. This is the safest and smoothest way to book your outside resort fun.

What We Loved

  • All-inclusive rate covers all meals, unlimited drinks (this includes alcoholic drinks)
  • Snorkeling and paddle boarding
  • Amazing fresh snacks throughout the day
  • Fresh Outdoor showers
  • Fresh Coconut water on deck
  • 5 star Aveda Spa ocean view bungalow

What To Know

  • If you are a TV lover, forget about it. Rooms don’t have TVs, but who needs a TV when you are in Paradise?
  • Adults only resort
  • Lots of mosquitoes so be sure to bring repellent
  • Sun loungers by the cliffs are taken early so be sure to get up early to secure yours

The View

Did I mention the view? The view from the resort is breathtaking. Gorgeous sunsets, I won’t dialogue much about this, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

My Thoughts on Jamaica

Jamaica is the ultimate relaxation destination! It was exactly what I need it after such a hectic and busy year! Like the locals say, “you are on island-time when you come to Jamaica”. Everything moves slower there, so enjoy yourself, soak in the sunshine and set your worries aside, mon! (another slang word I learned lol).  Jamaica has a unique and unbelievably relaxing vibe to it. The locals are pleasant, the fruit and juices are fresh and rich in flavor. The beaches are simply incredible, I would say that they are among the top 5 most stunning beaches I have visit. So if you are up for it and want to get away from the everyday life routine book yourself a trip to Paradise. Thank you for reading and catch you guys on the next adventure.

Ciao Bellas,







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