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Weddings are full of fun traditions. Among my personal favorites is the “Something old, new, borrowed and blue.” It was once thought that this tradition would bring good luck to the bride on her special day. So, when my time came to get married, I knew from the beginning that I would follow this very special tradition. On today’s blog, I’ll share my something old, new, borrowed and blue. Read on to get the full scoop!

Something Old

“Something old to represent continuity”

Let’s get started with the old! For my something old, I chose a piece of jewelry. Even though I am not big on jewelry, I knew I wanted to wear something simple but dainty. My dress and veil had several lace details, and I did not want to take away from them or look overly done so I opted for delicate jewelry pieces. When the time came to select a bracelet, I went with a thin diamond and aquamarine bracelet my husband gifted me on our one year anniversary of dating. It was a nice surprise that put a smile on my husband’s face when he saw the piece on my arm as we held hands, to say our vows.  The 10-year-old bracelet was the perfect accent to my finished look, and such an important piece to the both us because of its immeasurable sentimental value.


Something New

“Something new, optimism for the future”

For my something new,  I did a set of Nadri chandelier earrings from Nordstrom, gifted by my husband as well. The impressive sparkle and timeless shape was love at first sight. I actually struggled for months trying to find the perfect pair of earrings, and on a trip to Nordstrom, my husband spotted them. They were a perfect match to the rest of my accessories;  simple, timeless, and elegant.


Something Borrowed

“Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness”

Maria Elena Headpieces, for the dainty, want to make a statement, romantic bride, an absolute masterpiece. One of these glamorous pieces was my something borrowed. My dear friend and Matron of Honor Kim married the year before me and purchased this beauty you see here at a Bridal Show. When my time to tighten the knot came she offered me this beautiful piece to be my something borrowed, and how could I say no to this beauty. This piece was Kim’s something new and blue, if you take a close look the headpiece is covered with delightful aquamarine stones which matched my bracelet to perfection, can we say match made in Heaven? Without hesitation, I accepted her kind offer and on the big day, this beauty and I walked down the aisle together.

Something Blue

“Something blue represents love and loyalty”

We save the best for last, ladies, say hello to the Hangisi heel by Manolo Blahnik or better known as Ms. Carrie Bradshaw proposal heel in the movie Sex & The City (forever my favorite show). This was my wedding shoe and something blue gifted to me by no other than Mr. Barrios himself. This timeless, elegant heel, has a beautiful satin finished with a luminous jewel embellishment. Not only is this a beautiful shoe, but it’s incredibly comfortable! There is an incredible story behind these shoes, but today we are going to leave it at that, and just say that they are very, very special to me, and are so much more than my wedding shoes.


All these precious items were tokens of good luck that I carried on my very special day. Originating from a  Victorian rhyme, these small personal treasures are unique to each bride and rarely obvious to anyone but those who know her closely. So have fun picking these special items for your big day. Share with your friends and family members and let them help you gather these good luck charms.

Well, dear brides, I hope you found this blog informative and helpful. Remember that you can always start your own traditions and tweak existing ones to your liking and personalize them as much as you want. The important part is that your special day is everything that you ever dreamed of. Enjoy the planning, the prepping and the time together as fiancés, it is precious and it goes by quickly.  Here are a few photographs from the wedding day, enjoy, and catch you gals on the next Wedding Wednesday blog. Happy planning Bellas.

Ciao Bellas


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