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 Cartagena De Indias

Hola Bellas! I’m sorry I have been a little MIA in the last couple of days, but with my besties wedding, things have been a little hectic around here. I finally got some time this week to sit down and write a quick blog for you guys on my most recent adventure. So back in November last year my bestie got engaged! As the preparations for the wedding began the big question arose, what to do for the bachelorette?

My bestie loves to travel, so taking a trip somewhere was a must. For a while she had her eye on Cartagena, so she brought it up to our attention and the planning began!  We opted for a tropical theme, very fun and rich in color, just like Cartagena. I’m actually planning to do a separate blog for you guys on the Bachelorette planning, so be on the lookout for that! On today’s blog, I’ll share the details on some of the activities we did, restaurants, hotel, and some travel tips. So take a seat, and get ready for taking off! Today we are traveling to Cartagena De Indias!

Majestic and effortlessly charming, Cartagena De Indias possesses a magical touch of old world charm. Surrounded by Las Murallas (the walls) the old walled city seems to have been stopped in time. Las Murallas (the walls) as the locals call them were originally built to protect the city from Pirates and other attackers. Founded by the Spanish, Cartagena is rich in Spanish and African culture. With vibrant colors in every doorstep, Cartagena’s architecture is unique and vibrant, just like her people. Full of flavor and rich history the city’s beautiful streets have a story to tell.

As you walk through Cartagena streets, you will begin to see the architectural elements that are unique to this city. Specifically, the majestic doors and balconies covered in greenery and beautiful tropical flowers.

The most vibrant colors and flowers hang from every balcony in the city.


Aside from the vibrant colors, you will notice that all the doors are really not one, but two doors. Each door has a large door, often with vents on top. In addition to the multiple door styles,  most of these are adorned by unique door knockers.

The famous handmade Colombian Wayuu Mochila bags! You’ll find these bags all over Cartagena. As they are extremely trendy! You can find these for anywhere between ($17-$54 USD) depending on who you buy them from. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, it is so overwhelming to pick one. The best way of deciding which kind of bag you’d like is to follow your instinct. These things have a way of picking their owners, that’s why I came back with 3! don’t judge me! LOL!


All About The Food

Cartagena is the absolute perfect place for foodies! There is a restaurant in every corner, the variety is incredible, and the quality of food extraordinary. I could write a blog just on the restaurants that the city has, every single one of them with a unique touch. Here I’ve included some of the restaurants we visited.

Cuba 1940’s 

Stop #1

 I stumbled upon this hidden gem by pure accident, and boy am I glad I did! Enchanted by the magic of Cuba’s golden age, a charming place in which you will find traditional Cuban dishes and unique cocktails. Accompany by a fabulous live band playing sensual traditional rhythms and classic (Son Cubano) that brought back childhood memories of my grandmother singing these tunes. Cuba 1940’s has an extended selection of rums, whiskeys and Cuban cigars. They also offer the authentic Cuban Mojito; without doubt one of the best Mojitos, I’ve ever tasted. If you ever find yourself in Cartagena I encourage you to make a stop at this magical corner, you will not regret it!

Coco Club Social

Stop #2

Coco Club Social is a French restaurant located in the heart of Cartagena de Indias. It is an establishment that offers an exquisite and unique dining experience. If you are a  gourmet food lover, this is the ideal spot for you. It has an extensive menu of high-quality cocktails and authentic dishes. The attractive décor of the Coco Club Social dishes also lives up to its delicate cuisine. Absolutely stunning decor, and magnificent ambiance. 



When Traveling To Cartagena

Just a few things to keep in mind, it is extremely hot and humid in Cartagena. That being said please pack comfortable clothe, sandals, sunglasses, hand-fan, sunscreen and a big hat to help you hide from the sun. I’m big on makeup and I have to say that Cartagena is not exactly makeup friendly! Too hot to be wearing a full face. I would suggest packing some BB-cream, sunscreen lotion and lipgloss.


Fun In The City

  • Book a city tour
  • Book an aviary tour in Isla Baru
  • Spa day
  • Visit the Rosario Islands
  • Take a day trip to Playa Blanca
  • Eat at the local restaurants
  • Visit the Emerald Museum, and indulge 😉
  • Walk the old city, is full of history and beautiful corners
  • Soak in the sun at the beach

Work on your tan in Islas Rosario! Don’t forget to bring your floppy hats!

Make a stop at one of the local Paletteria’s and cool down with one of these sweet treats!

There is fresh fruit available in every corner! Literally! grab a snack! you won’t regret it! The fruit it’s absolutely delicious!


Hope you Bellas enjoyed this post! Until the next modern muse living travel adventure!



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