Farewell Summer Picnic


“Happy Picnic Season”

With Fall lurking just around the corner, I’m determined to enjoy the last days of summer and wear every maxi I own in the next 4-5 weeks. Ok, that’s impossible, I own a lot of maxis lol, but I’ll try my very best. Summer days are now numbered, and soon autumn will be marking its presence with grayer skies and shorter sunny days. As for me, I intend to fit in as many afternoon picnics as I can before that happens. I truly love summer, and I can’t believe that summer is almost over, it has gone by so quickly. Today, I’m sharing tips to make your own summer picnic a total success, and enjoy some outdoor fun. Read on for full details!

“Summer always ends with good memories”

Afternoons are still long and sunny, perfect weather to be outside. Among the many things I love about summer, my favorite is being outside in the afternoons once the sun has settled a bit. To be exact, my perfect time to step outside is after 4:00 pm. Last week I found some time in my schedule to head out for a quick last-minute picnic at the beach. My husband and I were blessed with lots of sunshine and a very refreshing afternoon with cotton candy skies.


Dress |Target| 

Picnic Basket |Nordstrom|

Hat |American Eagle|


First things first, let’s start with the essentials, you need a picnic basket! I got mine at Nordstrom but Target also has some great choices. It’s important to have a good size basket to fit in all your goodies because in total honesty the most important thing is how much food we can fit in the basket lol. So, get yourself a good-sized basket.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to the menu, the ability of the snacks to stand the outside heat and how messy it can get to eat them. Preferably stick to finger food, fruit, pre-made sandwiches, cheese and crackers, nuts, veggies etc. These make great choices for a perfect afternoon picnic menu.

For my menu, I kept it lite and simple, some fruit, berries, cheese, honey, French baguette chips, and a nice bottle of French Rosé. For the wine I went with a bottle of Villa Ruby Rosé, It’s luscious with an attractive off-dry profile. Feel free to customize the menu to your preferred liking.

What To Pack

Cutting board or Tray

Wet wipes

Utensils (basket brings a set for two)


Small Pillows (they amp up comfort level)


Trash bag



Packing Tips

Place your final snacks for your meal at the bottom of your basket (such as dessert items). This will prevent you from having to make a mess in your basket. Place your picnic blanket at the very top of your items, since it will be the first thing you will need to set out before getting started on your feast. Don’t forget to check the weather before you head out, after all we do live in Florida, and mother nature is a bit bipolar around these areas lol.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and the company of loved ones! Soak in the sun and breeze.

Bon Appetit Bellas!





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