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Γειά σου όμορφη 

This week I was finally able to snap out of my Santorini-coma and tune back into reality lol. Working on this blog brought back the sweetest memories of our Summer trip. Magical, splendid, breathtaking and beautiful are some of the few words that describe the insanely gorgeous island of Santorini. Every corner of the island looks like a picture-perfect calendar cover! But enough of my rambling, let us get right to it and buckle up for takeoff. Today we are taking a trip to the magical land of little white houses and blue domes!

Wanderlust ~ Santorini

Surrounded by the bluest of waters Santorini is the perfect romantic destination to escape to with your better half. Santorini was the most relaxing place I’ve ever been to.  From the moment we landed and arrived at our hotel, it was pure joy. I loved that we were able to enjoy our time alone disconnected from the world and explore a new culture together. From the beautiful scenery, the people, the food, to spending days on end with my hubby watching the most amazing sunsets, it was a magical trip that I’ll forever fondly remember.

As you all recall, Santorini was our original honeymoon destination but due to the weather, we had to postpone until the Summer. Like most of the Greek islands, Santorini is seasonal, and the best months to visit are from April to early November. After the first couple of days in November it begins to rain and the temperature significantly drops. Most businesses are also seasonal and are only opened in the Spring and Summer months. On today’s blog, I’ll spill all the details on our trip and share some of my favorite pictures with you guys! Hope you guys enjoy this post and be on the lookout for my Athens blog next week.


 When In Santorini

  1. Visit Amoudi Bay and have dinner or lunch. I personally recommend dinner! The sunset is gorgeous from this side of the island! We made dinner reservations at Amoudi Fish Tavern and got to watch the sunset from our table. Without a doubt one of the best waterfront dining experiences in Santorini. It was so beautiful, and for our luck, there was also a full moon that night! The most AMAZING one I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
  2. Chase as many sunsets as you can, you will never see another sunset like a Santorini Sunset – truly magical!
  3. Visit a winery, Santorini has delicious wine. Here are some of the best ones!
  • Venetsanos Winery
  • Domaine Sigalas
  • Santo Wines Winery
  1. Do some shopping at the local boutiques in Oia – there are so many amazing shops
  2. Bring a few books and layout and just soak up the gorgeous views as you enjoy a good book
  3. Book a catamaran tour. We opted for the sunset sail that leaves at 2 pm and gets back around 9 pm, it was such an amazing afternoon. The boat sails around the island and stops at the red beach, white beach, black beach, and the Hot Springs. They also stop for swims and snorkel around the island. The sail concludes at Amoudi Bay for sunset and dinner on the boat. Dinner is cooked by the crew, and it consists of traditional Greek meals, one word – DELICIOUS!
  4. Hike from Oia to Fira – it’s a 7-mile hike that takes about 3 hours (talk about cardio). It’s along the cliffside of the island and completely breathtaking, highly recommend.
  5. Visit the local beaches and go for a swim
  • Perissa
  • Vlychada
  • Agios Georgios
  • Kamari
  1. Eat Greek salads! They are so delicious! My husband is not a salad guy, and he had an average of three a day, no kidding! Can we just take a moment and give thanks for feta cheese? I still daydream about the feta cheese. I had feta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Feta-coma lol!
  2. Rent an ATV to get around the island. It’s the easiest way to get around, also super fun. Book ahead of time!
  3. Visit the lighthouse (I’m obsessed with lighthouses). My husband and I have a bucket list to visit as many as we can. The view was dreamy.
  4. Explore and fall in love with Oia and all the beautiful corners it has

The View

Can we talk about the view? Let’s not, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! I could not get enough of the view the island has. I spent countless hours relaxing and gazing at the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean, the passing cruise ships, the fishing boats and the evening parade of old ships taking visitors to dreamy sunsets. Absolutely stunning!

santorini greece oia

SEO oia santorini greece

santorini greece oia

santorini oia greece

santorini greece oia

santorini oia greece


What to Pack

Accessories & Clothing

Sunglasses, sunscreen, beach bag, and a hat! The sun is very intense in Santorini, make sure to protect your skin. I got a tan on the second day I was there. If you plan to travel during the warmer months like I did, you’ll want to dress comfortable and light. Make sure you pack plenty of summer clothes, especially clothes from light fabrics such as cotton. Also chose a light-colored palette for your clothing. The heat and sun are brutal in Santorini. You are traveling to an island so of course swimsuits are a must!


There are a lot of steps and uneven walk paths in Santorini, many of them are along steep cliffs and mountains. Do not pack heels lol (pointless). Instead pack leather sandals, flats, loafers and a good pair of hiking shoes (you can thank me later) lol.

Restaurants We Loved

It’s no news that I’m a foodie at heart! So before our trip, I did some homework on the local restaurants and best places to eat. You really can’t go wrong with Greek food, we ate at several places and the food was amazing! Here are some of our favorites! The service, the ambiance, the food, wine- was an absolutely top-notch at all of these! If you ever find yourself in Santorini, please visit these! You will not be disappointed! The food comes with a side of AMAZING views at any of these.

Sphinx Wine Restaurant

Alali Restaurant by Astarte Suites

Lauda Restaurant

Amoudi Fish Tavern

Nocturna Café Bar

Where We Stayed

Elysian Suites – Oia Village

Elysian Suites is a private hotel located in the breathtaking Village of Oia. Conveniently located about 5 minutes from the heart of Oia, the Elysian was our first home during our 2-week stay in Santorini. Our villa was a nicely remodeled, cave style room overlooking the sea. The hotel includes daily breakfast served in the privacy of your room (great food!).

Hospitality and good customer service are two things that my husband and I take seriously. Elysian Suites hospitality is beyond incredible. Anastasia (hotel coordinator) was the kindest, sweetest, and helpful person I’ve ever met. She assisted us with every need we had.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with refreshments and a complimentary bottle of wine. Asides from the stunning view, accommodations, and exquisite food, I think what made our stay so memorable was the outstanding customer service from all the staff members at the hotel, especially Anastasia. I highly recommend staying here.

elysian santorini greece

Impressive One Hotel – Pyrgos Village

Impressive One is a newly built hotel with 15 stylish rooms and suites. Just 1 km away from the medieval village of Pyrgos. We spent our last 3 days on the island here. The staff was sweet and accommodating, they assisted with arranging our ATV rental and had it brought to the hotel and picked up after. They also made all the arrangements for our airport pickup and drop off (incredibly helpful). Breakfast is served daily in the pool restaurant or you can have them serve it in your private balcony. The hotel is about a 3-minute walk from Santos Winery, a must visit.

SEO impressive one hotel Santorini Greece

SEO Impressive one Santorini hotel

Tech Gear

Cameras – DSLR Camera, Polaroid, GoPro, iPhone

Memory Card – Take extras, if you are anything like me and love taking pictures you will need extras

Portable Juice Pack – For your mobile phone, camera etc.

European Adapter – A must!

Tablet – Very convenient to look up places, book activities, read.


Photo Diary



What We Loved About Santorini

Absolutely everything, the people, culture, food, scenery, sunsets, and ambiance. We had such a phenomenal time on the island, we cannot wait to go back and visit. Sometimes while looking at the pictures I pinch myself, hard to believe I was at such a picture perfect place, feels like a dream.  Pheww!, okay I think I covered everything! If you guys have any more questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you with answers!! For those of you who are planning to visit this little piece of Heaven in the near future – I am so excited for you! Happy travels Bellas!


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