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Farewell Summer Picnic

“Happy Picnic Season”

With Fall lurking just around the corner, I’m determined to enjoy the last days of summer and wear every maxi I own in the next 4-5 weeks. Ok, that’s impossible, I own a lot of maxis lol, but I’ll try my very best. Summer days are now numbered, and soon autumn will be marking its presence with grayer skies and shorter sunny days. As for me, I intend to fit in as many afternoon picnics as I can before that happens. I truly love summer, and I can’t believe that summer is almost over, it has gone by so quickly. Today, I’m sharing tips to make your own summer picnic a total success, and enjoy some outdoor fun. Read on for full details!


I’m Not 31, I’m 18 With 13 Years Of Experience!

“31 Going On 13”

If you are wondering what is up with the title, it’s because I turned 31 last month. But the truth is, I feel 13… and, in total honesty, sometimes I act it, too (don’t judge me). Read on for the full scoop!



Just A Girl & Her Blog ~ Modern Muse Living

Modern Muse Living

Welcome to Modern Muse Living, a weekly blog where photography, fashion, traveling and fun encounters. Your special guide to all exquisite and chic things. Made with tons of love, art, a hint of party styling, and a scoop of fashion. Modern Muse Living was designed for anyone who enjoys a good read with a special blend of style and fun. It is also the best way to stay up to date on Lilian R. Barrios personal musings and day to day inspirational ideas.